The Dream: Twelve Stories of Dreams and Disenchantment

The Dream

Notes about The Dream:

At long last, the book is finished and available on and It has been a labor of love and heartache, but I hope the effort will help settle my restless spirit. If nothing else, I have come away from this experience with at least one thing: the belief that art in any form or context is the most important thing one can commit ones life to. Each of us has inside himself, deep in his heart, the desire and the ability to create, whether it is a drawing in the sand or a masterpiece of grand proportions; it doesn’t matter because the effort is enough, the pure joy of throwing caution to the wind and allowing the child inside each of us the freedom to once again run wild and free, this is what’s important. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver.

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I found these stories gripping in their intensity; they expressed a deep sense of misery and sadness, but I came away from them with a brighter outlook on life. They held my attention right to the very end, and I was never disappointed because the endings always took me by surprise. I give The Dream five stars. – Diane (

The Dream is a challenging compilation of intense stories that captured my imagination and interest from beginning to end. I was blown away by the philosophical content. I haven’t had to think so deeply in a long, long time. Don’t expect to come away from these stories all “warm and fuzzy” because they will knock the wind out of you. Definitely five stars. – Kevin (