The Flow of Ice

The Flow of Ice

The Roosevelt Park ice skating rink is open for the season. Each time it opens I am reminded of a time in college when I met my German professor on the ice skating pond in Fort Collins. She was tall and a little awkward and on skates, her ankles bent inward and her knees collided. She looked like a Great blue heron, sliding timidly across the ice.

The world seems like it is frozen now, but not in a smooth sheet of ice. It is upheaved and broken and we are all like Great blue herons slipping and sliding timidly across the ice, doing the best that we can.

  1. David! So true! Unfortunately, I have to agree. We all need to get our feet solidly, yet flexibly, underneath us again. We’ve all been through a lot of turmoil and loss this past year…waking up every morning hoping our nation and our world hasn’t become so upheaved and broken that it doesn’t have a chance of peacefully healing and reuniting in kindness, respect, and equality for all. Hopefully our lack of experience in navigating and healing our brokeness from a world gone mad, will not stop us from trying our best to rebuild in new and better ways. Melting the fear in our hearts and minds will help us navigate and heal the cracks, so we can find the wildflowers of Spring again blooming in renewal, at the foot of the cold icy snowbanks of Winter. May our hope be fully renewed. May our love be complete.
    May the healing Angels of peace and love alchemically turn our blue heron timidity into confidence and strength as we glide carefully around and through repairing any obstacles on our way through the crimson void.
    ❤❤❤❤ Blessings!

    • Thank you, Virginia. Your response is so beautiful and inspired by hope and courage. We all need to find that courage that resides so resolutely in our hearts. Love transcends despair when we open up our hearts to allow this love to thaw the frozen fields of winter. Now, more than ever, we need to allow our love to “melt the fear in our hearts.”

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